Company Profile

Hebei ZhongXu High voltage Electric Co.,ltd,a famous Electric and Communication facilities and parts manufacturer,focus on Communications and electricity industry for more than 30 years.

Hebei ZX is a high-tech enterprise recognized by Hebei Province, a provincial-certified enterprise technology center, and a cooperative partner of Tsinghua University.

Our insulators covers 6kV-1000kV series for R&D and production of transmission and transformation lines, and a DC of ±800,000 volts insulators series, AC 27.5 kV electrified railway contact network composite insulator series of comprehensive manufacturing enterprises, its electrified railway contact network series of composite insulator products are at the domestic leading level, 750kV-1000kV super and ultra-high voltage composite insulator manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level , and listed as a national key new product and independent innovation products of Hebei Province.

Our Production equipment including: 4 sets of 520B integral injection molding machine, 4 sets of 500B integral injection machine, 4 sets of 2500CC integral injection molding machine, 2 sets of squeeze machine, 3 sets of umbrella machine, 6 sets of rubber mixing machine, Finnish imported crimping machine 3 Taiwan and domestic 6000kN crimping machines 2, complete sets of tooling molds, to meet the production of different types of insulator products.

The company has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with Tsinghua University. It is the practice base for engineering masters of Tsinghua University, the distance education base of Tsinghua University, and the enterprise technology center recognized by the province. There are 45 technicians with senior technical titles. The technology center is equipped with testing. Test equipment: 1 set of 400kN mechanical load puller, 1 set of 1000kN mechanical load puller, and 1 set of 2000kN mechanical load puller. The high-voltage testing hall is equipped with one set of 1000kV power frequency test device, one set of 1350kV steep slope test device, one set of wind load test device, one set of large flexion and extension test device and one set of small flexion and extension test device. The physical and chemical laboratory is equipped with one set of leakage tracking device, one silicone rubber tear strength testing machine and one silicone rubber sulfur testing machine. The composite insulator for high-speed electrified railway contact network developed by Hebei Province is transformed by scientific and technological achievements in Hebei Province. The center has identified the products and its products have reached the domestic leading level. The ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage AC 750kV-1000kV composite insulator manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level. Tsinghua University first used the pollution simulation to optimize the product structure and fill the gaps at home and abroad. Its products have independent intellectual property rights and all have achieved large-scale production.

Hebei ZX Group products cover the entire power construction, communication construction, urban road construction, railway construction and other electric system products.As one of the biggest insulator manufacturer in China,we promote many insulators standards in the domestic level . We are the leading Insulators company in China.

ZX Group,as a professional Insulator supplier is a science and technology enterprise integrating R&D, Manufacturing and distributing 10KV-1000KV series electrical insulators,such as polymer insulators,porcelain insulators,station post insulators,toughened glass insulators,insulated Bushings,ceramic insulators,Pin insulators,High voltage insulators,suspension insulators,dead-end insulators,composite insulators,bushing insulator,terminations,lightning diverter,lightning arrester,Surge Arrester,etc.

Hebei ZX Group have a full set of international advanced automatic production equipment,with strict implementation of ISO9001-2014., ISO14001-2015,T28001-2011 qualification system, and IEC IEEE and other related international quality systems, to ensure the strategic idea of full quality management.

We begin to manufacture polymer/composite insulators in 1998,and now we have more than 200 employees and we can produce 50 million pieces of Insulators.We have passed the National Insulator Arresters Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test,and provide all the reports of our insulators,such as Anti-aging test report.We produce Mandrel, mixing rubber, fittings, molds,flanges by ourselves, to achieve overall quality control, reduce costs, shorten lead times, and enhance comprehensive competitiveness.

Our Projects cover more than 20 provinces in China, and have been exported to more than 50 countries all over the world.