Disc insulator

Disc insulator(porcelain)

The Disc insulator is made of porcelain and upper and lower metal fittings with glue. The contact surface between the end face of the porcelain piece and the metal accessory is elastically padded, and the plastic parts of the porcelain part are respectively sanded, knurled, grooved and the like to ensure mechanical strength, prevent loosening and twisting. The surface of the porcelain piece is evenly white glazed, and the surface of the metal accessory is painted with ash enamel.

Disc insulator

Disc porcelain insulators can be classified several types by umbrella shape

Folding ordinary type

The umbrella-shaped insulator is the oldest type of suspension insulator. It is characterized by simple structure and low cost, which is suitable for cleaning areas. They are usually used on AC transmission lines.

Folding bell type

The umbrella insulator has a long umbrella bottom edge, the product can achieve a large creepage distance, the inner cavity under the umbrella is not easy to get wet, has a high pollution tolerance voltage, and is more suitable for coastal, foggy, wet and saline areas. Used on the AC and DC transmission lines.

Folding double and triple umbrella

These two shapes of products are smooth and non-ribbed and open-shaped under the umbrella, so their wind and rain self-cleaning performance is good, the natural fouling rate is low, and the large creepage distance makes the product have good pollution withstand voltage level. It can be used in a dusty environment to better utilize the superiority of the umbrella structure. These umbrella-shaped insulators are called “aerodynamic” and they are suitable for AC and DC transmission lines in a variety of operating conditions, especially in heavy pollution, high altitude and desert dry areas.

Folding straw hat

The diameter of the umbrella of this kind of product is particularly large, the under the umbrella is smooth and ribbed, the streamlined structure, the self-cleaning property is very good, the amount of dirt is small, and the use feature is to insert it in the upper part and the middle part of the hanging string of the AC and DC line insulators. The extra large diameter structure can suppress the flashing of the line caused by ice slip and bird droppings.

Disc insulator
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