Glass insulator

ZX Insulator is one of the earliest Toughened Glass insulator manufacturer.

In September 2007, ZX Insulator produced the 530 (550) kN glass insulator for the 1,000 kV AC UHV transmission line with the highest mechanical load rating in the industry.We are The first one passed the rating organized by the China Electricity Council. The technical appraisal of new products for glass insulators was included in the “2007 National Key New Product Plan” by the four ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
On September 19, 2008, we were recognized as a high-tech enterprise in the field of new material manufacturing technology.
In November 2008, ZX Insulator’s “Industrialization of Tempered Glass Insulators for 1 Million Volt High Voltage Lines”project was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology as the 2008-2009 National Torch Program.
In December 2008,our research and development center was recognized as “provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center” by Hebei Science and Technology Department.
Based on the ISO9001:2015 quality system standard, ZX Insulator has a complete quality management system to standardize management and control of product design and development, production, sales and service implementation.

On this basis, the company has also built a technical inspection center with a full set of testing capabilities for type test projects, with advanced test equipment such as 1200kV lightning impulse generator and 500kV power frequency test transformer. Under certain temperature and humidity conditions, lightning impulse withstand voltage test; power frequency dry and wet withstand voltage test; power frequency breakdown withstand voltage test; radio interference test and steep wave impact test. At the same time, the company also has the international advanced level of glass insulation inspection pipeline management technology and video management system of key process points in the whole process, which improves the company’s effective detection rate of non-conforming products of glass insulation and reduces the most critical product self-explosion. Rate, as well as effective real-time monitoring of key process points, ensures traceability of product quality.
After years of development, ZX Insulator has become a major supplier of high voltage line glass insulators for large domestic power grid operators. And in the country more than 20 provinces and cities to establish a corresponding marketing service network to provide customers with quality services, in the future development of the company will continue to expand sales, form a marketing system covering the domestic and foreign markets, and strive to build the company into the world leading glass insulator manufacturer.

Glass insulator
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