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Toughened glass insulator

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Toughened glass insulator


The Toughened glass insulator is made of tempered glass.The surface is in a state of compressed pressure.If cracks and electrical breakdown occur,the glass insulator will break into small pieces by itself, commonly known as “self-explosion.” This feature eliminates the need for “zero value” detection of the glass insulator during operation.

In the first few years of production and operation,the toughened glass insulators have been found the following advantages compare with porcelain insulators:

Due to the high mechanical strength of the surface layer of the glass insulator, cracks are less likely to occur on the surface. The electrical strength of the glass generally remains constant throughout the operation, and its aging process is much slower than that of porcelain. Therefore, the toughened glass insulator is mainly scrapped due to self-damage, which occurs during the first year of operation, but the defects of the porcelain insulator are only in operation. It was only discovered after the year.

The main types of toughened glass insulators are: LXP-70, LXP-100, LXP-160, LXHP-70, LXHP-100, LXHP-160, LXY-70, LXY-100, LXY-160, LXHY-70, LXHY-100, LXHY-160, FC-70, FC-100, FC-160, FC70P/146, FC100P/146, LXY1-70, etc.

We can also manufacture customized types Toughened glass insulator according to different countries users.

The raw materials used to make the Toughened glass insulators are more stable in terms of their own composition than the raw materials used in the manufacture of electric porcelain, and create favorable conditions for stabilizing the electrical and mechanical properties of the glass.

The Mechanical power properties of Toughened glass insulator are much higher than those of porcelain, making the same type of insulator, and its size and weight are much smaller than porcelain insulators.

We offer a full range of Toughened glass insulator design services to meet different needs from different customers.

Glass insulator
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