hollow insulators

Hollow insulators

Hollow insulators

High-voltage Hollow insulators are generally made of insulating materials (such as porcelain or polymer) and metal accessories (such as steel feet, iron caps, flanges, etc.) glued or mechanically snapped together.Hollow Insulators are widely used in power systems and are generally externally insulated and operate under atmospheric conditions,Overhead transmission lines, power plants and substations, and external live conductors for various electrical equipment must be supported by insulators and insulated from earth (or grounding) or other conductors with potential differences.

High voltage Hollow insulator is a steel insulator consisting of one or more insulating members permanently glued to a metal base and sometimes with a cap, and may be studded or one or more mounted on a metal base. The bolts are steel mounted on the support structure. For the rated voltage higher than 1000V, the frequency is not more than 100Hz, the altitude is not more than 1000m, the insulation and support wires are used in the AC power lines of ordinary areas and medium and heavy pollution areas, and the installation environment temperature is -40 °C~+ Between 40 ° C.

Hollow insulators advantages:

Stable performance and high reliability
Suitable for a wide range of voltages and applications
Proven performance is unaffected even under harsh conditions
Stronger anti-pollution and anti-seismic activity characteristics
Less likely to have an explosion
Lightweight design and easy to install
High hydrophobicity and long-term stability


High voltage Hollow insulator are mainly used in power transformers and reactors as an insulating sleeve for introducing or extracting current carrying conductors of high, medium and low voltage side currents of transformers or reactors and insulating and sealing the transformer tank casing

ZX insulator begins to produce high voltage hollow insulators from 2001,and they have been widely used among the projects of both domestic and overseas.

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hollow insulators
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