Porcelain Suspension insulator

Porcelain Suspension insulator

Porcelain Suspension insulator/Disc porcelain insulators/Disc suspension insulators

Porcelain Suspension insulator,also named disc suspension insulator or suspension porcelain insulator.

High-voltage line disc-shaped porcelain Suspension insulator are used for insulating and fixing wires in high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines, and are generally assembled into insulator strings for lines of different voltage levels.

Ordinary insulators are suitable for general use. If the number of insulators is increased properly, the flash over performance can be improved.

Suspension porcelain insulators are made of porcelain, iron caps and steel feet with no less than No. 525 Portland cement and quartz sand glue. The contact surface of the iron cap and the steel foot and the adhesive is thinly coated with a buffer layer, and the top of the steel foot has an elastic pad. The surface of the porcelain parts is usually painted with white glaze and brown glaze, and other glazes can be painted as needed. The surface of the iron cap and steel foot is all hot zinc. The push-pull elastic locking pin of the ball type is available in W type and R type. Both are made of tin bronze, brass and austenitic stainless steel. It has good elasticity and corrosion resistance and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Cylindrical and hump-shaped cotter pins with grooved connections, the former is hot on the surface and the latter is made of brass. The above-mentioned elastic locking pin, cylindrical pin and other parts are supplied with the product set.

Disc suspension insulators are the most widely used insulators for transmission lines. Rod-shaped suspension insulators have been widely used in countries such as Germany.

The insulator is divided into two types according to the connection type: the ball type and the groove type.

Main dimensions and performance of high voltage circuit disc suspension porcelain insulator.

disc inulators type

XP—Ordinary suspension porcelain insulator represented by electromechanical damage load

X—Ordinary suspension porcelain insulator expressed in one hour of electromechanical load, 70、80、100、120、160、210、300 means Rated electromechanical damage load(KN)

3、4.5 means Mechanical load of one hour electromechanical experiment

(t),C—Slot link (spherical link not indicated)

We offer a full range of Disc Suspension insulator design services to meet different needs from different customers.

Porcelain Suspension insulator
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