Post Polymer insulator

Post polymer insulator

Post polymer insulator,also called Station post insulator,composite line post insulator,or railway post insulator.

Post Polymer insulator Features:

Good water repellency, aging resistance, tracking resistance and electrical corrosion resistance, light weight and easy installation make it a great skill in power station facilities

It is applied to the insulation support of bus bar and take-up column of rated power 12KV-252KV power station and related electrical components.

Post Polymer insulator adopts imported silicon rubber raw materials and unique HTV formula to reach the IEC standard TMA6.0 level;

the overall extrusion sheath sheathing process or the overall injection molding process, the interface performance is superior;

It has Large and small alternate umbrella shape, stain-resistant structure

have Crimp-type end fitting connection structure;

The end connection interface is sealed by HTV and the seal is reliable.

the electrical and mechanical properties of the Post Polymer insulator:

Voltage level 10-252kV Rated bending load 2-18kN

Structure and Test

Silicon Rubber for sheds/housing.

Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) for core.

Hot dip galvanized cast steel for metal fittings.

5000hours aging test from STRI Sweden & Prototype Test & Type Test & Factory Test ( Routine and Sampling Test ).

IEC / ANSI / GB standard.

It is mainly used in places such as power stations and substations for insulation, support and operation. The use of rod-shaped post insulators on the support and rotation of busbars and disconnectors and on the ground-to-ground insulation support is very extensive.
Insulated mandrel (full name epoxy fiberglass fiber rod), as the skeleton of composite pillar insulator, plays a role in supporting the umbrella sleeve, inner insulation, connecting the two ends of the metal, and bearing mechanical load, etc., with high tensile strength Strength, good performance in dielectric properties and chemical resistance, as well as good resistance to bending fatigue, creep and impact.

There are different length by different application,we can provide customer different design and types according to customized application.

If the above insulators specifications do not meet your requirements,our creative design engineer can help customer focused on full implementation insulator designing services of all sizes according to customer’s request.

Post polymer insulator

Post Polymer insulator
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