Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester: An appliance used to protect electrical equipment from high transient overvoltage hazards during lightning strikes, and to limit freewheeling time, and often limits freewheeling. It is also called Lightning arresters sometimes,or called overvoltage protectors, overvoltage limiters

Surge Arrester are usually connected between the grid conductors and the ground wire, but are sometimes connected next to the electrical windings or between the conductors.

The AC metal oxide arrester is used to protect the insulation of the AC power transmission and transformation equipment from lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage. Suitable for overvoltage protection of transformers, transmission lines, power distribution panels, switch cabinets, power metering boxes, vacuum switches, shunt compensation capacitors, rotating electrical machines and semiconductor devices.

There are many types of folding arresters, such as metal oxide surge arresters, line metal oxide surge arresters, gapless line metal oxide surge arresters, fully insulated composite jacket metal oxide surge arresters, and detachable arresters.

According to shape, the main types of surge arresters are tubular surge arresters, valve surge arresters and zinc oxide surge arresters. The main working principle of each type of arrester is different, but their work is essentially the same, in order to protect the communication cable and communication equipment from damage.

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Surge Arrester
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