Toughened Glass insulator

LXP100 type glass insulator

LXP100 Glass insulator

The main types of toughened glass insulators are: LXP-70, LXP-100, LXP-160, LXHP-70, LXHP-100, LXHP-160, LXY-70, LXY-100, LXY-160, LXHY-70, LXHY-100, LXHY-160, FC-70, FC-100, FC-160, FC70P/146, FC100P/146, LXY1-70, etc.

We can also manufacture customized types according to different countries users.

The raw materials used to make the glass insulators are more stable in terms of their own composition than the raw materials used in the manufacture of electric porcelain, and create favorable conditions for stabilizing the electrical and mechanical properties of the glass.

If the above insulators specifications do not meet your requirements,our creative design engineer can help customer focused on full implementation insulator designing services of all sizes according to customer’s request.

Toughened Glass insulator
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